Antipsychotic medication versus psychological intervention versus a combination of both in adolescents with first-episode psychosis (MAPS): a multicentre, three-arm, randomised controlled pilot and feasibility study

Study (n=61) found a good clinical response (≥50% improvement in PANSS) at 6 months was achieved in 22% taking antipsychotics, 31% receiving psychological intervention, and 29% receiving both. Authors conclude the trial was safe and larger trials could be performed.

SPS commentary:

Authors highlight that the feasibility of a larger trial is unclear because of site-specific recruitment challenges, and amendments to trial design would be needed for an adequately powered clinical and cost-effectiveness trial that provides robust evidence.

A related editorial states that the field urgently needs a large-scale trial in early-onset psychosis, although if such a trial is to provide clinically meaningful results, it will need to focus on clinically homogenous groups, and differentiate treatment effects. This line of investigation might take time and more than one study, but the results would have wide-ranging and lasting consequences.


The Lancet Psychiatry

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