Association of soy and fermented soy product intake with total and cause specific mortality: prospective cohort study

In this Japanese study (n=92,915), a higher intake of fermented soy was linked to lower risk of mortality (HR highest vs. lowest fifth of intake: 0.90; 95% CI, 0.83-0.97). A significant link between intake of total soy products and all-cause mortality was not, however, observed.

SPS commentary:

The researchers advise that their findings should be interpreted with caution because the significant association of fermented soy products might be attenuated by unadjusted residual confounding.


According to an editorial, increasing evidence has suggested that fermented soy products are associated with health benefits. It notes whether people eat those products depends on their food culture, but some countries already include soy and fermented soy products in their dietary guidelines. It calls for further studies to refine understanding of the health effects of fermented soy, and perhaps to inform the development of healthier and more palatable products.


British Medical Journal

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