CHMP recommends restrictions on use of fosfomycin

Following review, the CHMP have recommended that intravenous fosfomycin should only be used to treat serious infections when other antibiotics are not suitable. It also recommends that intravenous and oral fosfomycin should not be used in children under 12 years of age.

SPS commentary:

No restrictions were recommended for use of oral fosfomycin in those >12 years.


They formally recommended that IV Fosfomycin should only be used to treat serious infections such as those affecting the heart, lungs, blood and brain, or those that are difficult to treat such as complicated infections of the abdomen, urinary tract or of the skin and soft tissue.


The review was performed as despite being known to have more side effects than other antibiotics, there has been increasing use of fosfomycin in recent years (likely owing to the fact that it appears to still be active against a number of bacteria that have become resistant to commonly used antibiotics).


European Medicines Agency