Clinical characteristics and intrauterine vertical transmission potential of COVID-19 infection in nine pregnant women: a retrospective review of medical records

Clinical characteristics of COVID-19 pneumonia (PN) in pregnant women were similar to those reported for similarly afflicted non-pregnant adult patients, with no evidence for intrauterine infection caused by vertical transmission in women who develop COVID-19 PN in late pregnancy

SPS commentary:

According to a commentary, pregnant women with COVID-19 infection in this study had fewer adverse maternal and neonatal complications and outcomes than would be anticipated for those with SARS-CoV-1 infection. It notes that although a small number of cases was analysed, the findings are mostly consistent with a clinical analysis of ten neonates born to mothers with COVID-19 pneumonia. It suggests that as the clinical characteristics reported in pregnant women with confirmed COVID-19 infection are similar to those reported for non-pregnant adults with confirmed COVID-19 infection in the general population, they are indicative of a relatively optimistic clinical course and outcomes for COVID-19 infection compared with SARS-CoV-1 infection. However, it acknowledges that due to the small number of cases analysed and the short duration of the study period, more follow-up studies should be done to further evaluate the safety and health of pregnant women and newborn babies who develop COVID-19 infection.


The Lancet

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