Covid-19: Mental health services must be boosted to deal with “tsunami” of cases after lockdown

Psychiatrists at the World Health Organisation have advised for greater investment in mental health services to cope with a predicted surge in cases after lockdown. Social isolation, fear of contagion, loss of family members and loss of income or employment are cited as factors.

SPS commentary:

Groups at increased risk of mental health issues as a result of the pandemic include:

  • Children and adolescents;
  • Older people;
  • People at risk of domestic abuse;
  • People from lower socioeconomic groups and others who are hit hard financially;
  • Frontline healthcare workers who have faced heavy workloads, life or death decisions, and risk of infection;
  • Women, particularly those juggling home schooling with working from home and household tasks
  • People with previous mental health or dependency issues, which will have been compounded by support groups having been unable to meet.


British Medical Journal