Empirical Anti-MRSA vs Standard Antibiotic Therapy and Risk of 30-Day Mortality in Patients Hospitalized for Pneumonia

US-based cohort study of 88,605 hospitalisations for pneumonia did not find a mortality benefit for treatment with empirical anti–methicillin-resistant S aureus (MRSA) therapy vs standard antibiotics for any group of patients examined, even those with risk factors for MRSA.

SPS commentary:

In a related editorial, the author comments “empirical coverage with broad-spectrum agents is not indicated in most patients being treated for pneumonia, and if the diagnosis of pneumonia is uncertain, there is no harm and likely some benefit in taking some time to acquire more diagnostic clarity before treating (such as further imaging, laboratory testing, treating concurrent conditions, and/or observation), so long as the patient is clinically stable”.


JAMA Internal Medicine

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