Features of 16,749 hospitalised UK patients with COVID-19 using the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol

Summary: Cohort study (n=16,749), currently the largest in Europe, reported that 33% have died, 49% discharged alive and 17% are receiving continued care. Consistent with Chinese studies, being obese, male, or elderly reduces chance of survival.

SPS commentary:

This research, based on data from 166 UK hospitals, was carried out by the ISARIC-4 consortium, a UK wide group of doctors and scientists, who are investigating the characteristics of those most severely affected by covid-19 and why some people have better outcomes than others.


Of note, the most common recorded comorbidities are chronic cardiac disease (29%), diabetes (19%), chronic pulmonary disease excluding asthma (19%), and asthma (14%). Just under half (47%) of patients had no documented comorbidity.

At the time of writing, this article has not been formally peer reviewed.


British Medical Journal

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