Gilead reports positive results from two trials of remdesivir for COVID-19

In open-label, Phase III SIMPLE trial of 5-day and 10-day dosing of the drug in hospitalised patients with severe disease, patients on 10-day regimen had similar improvement in clinical status compared to patients on 5-day course. Positive data were also reported from NIAID trial

SPS commentary:

In the SIMPLE trial:

  • The time to clinical improvement for 50% of patients was 10 days in the 5-day cohort and 11 days in the 10-day cohort.
  • In the 5-day group, 60% were discharged from the hospital by Day 14 compared to 52.3% in  the 10-day group..
  • At Day 14. 64.5% of the 5-day treatment group and 53.8% of the 10-day treatment group “achieved clinical recovery.”

Preliminary results from the  National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) sponsored Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial (n=1063) showed those hospitalised with advanced COVID-19 and lung involvement on remdesivir recovered faster than patients on placebo (11 vs. 15 days), recovery defined as being well enough for hospital discharge/returning to normal activity level.


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