Impact of cardiovascular disease and cardiac injury on in-hospital mortality in patients with COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Analysis of 10 studies found COVID-19 patients with underlying CV comorbidities, including CVD and hypertension, had higher risk of in-hospital mortality (OR 4.85, 95% CI 3.07-7.70 and 3.67; 2.31 to 5.83, respectively). Acute cardiac injury may act as a marker of mortality risk,

SPS commentary:

According to an editorial, this systematic review has confirmed that in patients with COVID-19, there are strong associations between mortality and cardiovascular disease or cardiac injury. It adds that these observed associations lend major support to the hypothesis of direct and indirect cardiovascular consequences as being a contributor to or a mediator of the increased mortality seen in patients with COVID-19. Therapeutic interventions that can be used to limit or to prevent these adverse cardiovascular consequences have yet to be established.



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