Inclusion of Older Adults in Randomized Clinical Trials for Systemic Medications for Atopic Dermatitis: A Systematic Review

Review (32 trials; n= 4547, mean age 34.4 years) found that older adults are underrepresented in RCTs of systemic treatment for atopic dermatitis (10 trials (31%) included adults aged ≥65 years) resulting in a lack of evidence supporting safe clinical use in this population.

SPS commentary:

The authors of this review hope these finding make clinicians and patients aware of this evidence gap when prescribing systemic therapy for atopic dermatitis.


The review is one of two articles in JAMA Dermatology, shedding light on the limitations of dermatology’s current understanding and research infrastructure for common diseases in older adults. The other article presents a comprehensive review of psoriasis medications in older adults, and serves as a call to action by highlighting the lack of true data evaluating this population.


JAMA Dermatology

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