Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the community using data from OxRen: a UK population-based cohort study

This UK study estimates a 18.2% (95% CI 16.9-19.6) prevalence of chronic kidney disease in people aged 60, and that 8% of this population had previously undiagnosed disease and would have remained undiagnosed without screening.

SPS commentary:

The authors note a number of possible limitations, including the possibility that people with CKD were more likely to participate, a low percentage of ethnic minority participants, and the fact that recruitment took place over one UK county, and therefore the results may not be fully representative of the UK population.

They note how some of those undiagnosed will be picked up in the NHS Health Check Programme, but that only 43% of those invited are reported to attend, and how non-attenders are likely to be more at risk.


British Journal of General Practice