The Impact of Cardiovascular Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease on Life Expectancy and Direct Medical Cost in a 10-Year Diabetes Cohort Study

Retrospective study (n=208,792 with diabetes) found effects of heart diseases, stroke, chronic kidney disease and combination of these conditions on all-cause mortality and direct medical costs are independent and cumulative, highlighting importance of preventative measures.

SPS commentary:

Study found that over a median follow-up of 8.5 years, 50,154 deaths were recorded. Mortality risks for patients with only one of these conditions were similar but were 1.75 times, 2.63 times, and 3.58 times greater for patients with one, two, and all three conditions (consisting of stroke, heart disease, and moderate CKD), compared with patients without these diseases. A similar trend was observed in annual public health care costs with 2.91-, 3.90-, and 3.88-fold increased costs for patients with one, two, and three conditions, respectively. Increases in the number of conditions reduced life expectancy greatly, particularly in younger patients.


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