Updated reproductive health Patient Group Direction (PGD) templates published

SPS and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH), with the support of specialist stakeholders working within clinical practice, have produced PGD templates for medicines commonly used within reproductive services.

SPS commentary:

The following PGD templates are available:

  • Supply and/or administration of levonorgestrel 1500micrograms tablet(s) for emergency contraception
  • Supply and/or administration of ulipristal acetate 30mg tablet for emergency contraception
  • Supply of a progestogen only contraceptive pill (POP)
  • Supply of a combined oral hormonal contraceptive (COC)
  • Supply of combined hormonal contraceptive transdermal patch
  • Supply of combined hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring


Reflecting the current pandemic, the templates listed above contain additional advice about undertaking remote consultations where clinical monitoring parameters (BMI and blood pressure) should be obtained prior to a supply being made and how this can be managed in practice in these exceptional circumstances.


Specialist Pharmacy Service